Top Ten 4 Letter Words to SELL your home

# 10. ­LIST
First you must call Laura Blackwell to LIST your home! ­That’s easy.

# 9. ­NEXT
Mentally prepare yourself for your NEXT home. ­Are you moving to a larger or smaller space­ ­Get organized now. ­It will save you time and money later. ­­

# 8. ­SORT
SORT out what you want to keep and get rid of what you don’t! ­This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised by the number of people who would rather sort out what they own after they move. ­Why move it if you can’t use it­

# 7. ­EDIT
Less is best! ­Clear all the clutter on furniture, counter tops and even the walls. ­Remove extra furniture and accessories! ­Allow a potential Buyer to see their personal items in your home!

# 6. ­PACK
PACK, pack, pack! You have to pack it eventually. ­So, why not do it sooner than later!

# 5. ­HIDE
If you need to live with it, HIDE it when the home is being shown! Everyone uses a tooth brush, tooth paste, and a bath towel. ­But, that doesn’t mean a prospective buyer needs to see it.

# 4. ­LIVE
Don’t forget to LIVE your life. ­Try not to dread the process of moving. ­Have a packing party. ­Find joy in going through old photographs, art project, and cookbooks. ­And, if there time is done with you, pass them on.

# 3. ­MOVE
Yes, the day you have been waiting for…moving day! ­Where all of your things find a new home!

# 2. ­GONE
Make sure everything is GONE from the home! ­The new buyer doesn’t need your old mop, broom, hangers or the soap in the soap dish. ­We know where that’s been…

And the # 1 ­ ­4 Letter word is SOLD!
Your home is now SOLD! ­The funds have been wired to your bank account and it’s time to start the next chapter of your life.

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